Water BBQ, Floating Flamer


Floating FlamerImagine being able to swim and not having to get out of the water to sink your teeth into some freshly grilled sausages or hamburgers or whatever other barbecued foods you fancy. Add a floating ice chest with some beer and make sure your friends are around you. Your picture of joy on a summer weekend is complete, isn’t it?

With the Floating Flamer, the picture described above need no longer just be a figment of your imagination- at least, as far as getting access to barbecued meats while lying in the water is concerned.

The Floating Flamer, as you might surmise from its name, is a barbecue grill that can float on water.

You can choose from the smaller “topless” model or the larger “Grand Flamer”. The former is ideal for a smaller group, while the latter is designed if you have many people with large appetites to look after while they are busy tanning or just having serious fun.

Apparently, the concept of the floating flamer was born when a group of friends were by the water, enjoying their booze and barbecued foods. A few prototypes and many test grills later, they got to the point where they felt ready to combine their pleasure with business.

You can contact the manufacturers here. They’re looking for distributors too, if you are looking to combine business with pleasure too.

A passing thought: I wonder if the name Flaming Floater might have been a more appropriate description of this product. Perhaps someone might read this and choose that name for their product.

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