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Camera in Your GogglesThe phrase “getting close to the customer” seems to get a new meaning, thanks to wearable electronics. Camera-equipped goggles are an example of this category of products. There are several manufacturers who offer such goggles.

Recon Instruments has teamed up with Contour with the idea of blending two complementary technologies to create something different that they believe will have a market of its own.

The result is that Recon’s Mod Live goggle-mounted display will serve as a viewfinder for Contour’s action cameras. This will allow you to take action videos and pictures as you whizz down a ski slope, for example. But if you’re not good on the slopes, be prepared for others to take pictures of you struggling.

The Contour camera and the Recon Mod Live device sync via BlueTooth. But this entire concept is quite expensive. The Mod Live device alone retails for about $400 (£260). You will need to buy “Recon Ready” goggles on which you can attach the Mod Live device. These goggles will set you back by another $150 (£100), depending on which brand you pick.

The ContourGPS is the lower priced camera, and retails for $300 (£200). The Contour + is a good $200 (£130) more. So to get this capability, be prepared to spend at least $800 (£530) and maybe as much as $1000 (£670). The good news is that the app required to mate the two devices is free, and in the “coming weeks”, it will be available for download here.

Right now, Mod Live runs only Android, although Recon plans to make it compatible with iPhone 4S by next winter.Recon InstrumentsRecon Instruments, apps.Recon Instruments, on the screen.

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