Tamaggo 360-Degree Camera


Tamaggo 360-Degree 14MP CameraThe CES is always an interesting place for those who love gadgets. One of the more interesting gadgets exhibited at CES 2012 a couple of weeks ago was the egg-shaped Tamaggo 360 Imager.

At its core, the Tamaggo is a camera in that it can record and store images. It measures 92 x 59 x 61 mm and weighs less than 200 grams. The heart of this gadget is the 14 megapixel camera sensor inside, which enables the device to sense which way you’re holding it.

Naturally, how you hold it will depend on what you wish to photograph. Accordingly, it can capture a vertical, horizontal or sky/ground panoramic shot.

You can get similar images using ordinary cameras, but unless you have a super wide angled lens, you will have to stitch a series of images together. With the Tamaggo, you get one panoramic shot without any stitching.

Images are stored on to an SD card and you have the option of transferring them to your computer or smartphone either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Easier still, just remove the SD card from the Tamaggo, insert it into the SD card slot of your computer and copy the files.

Use the mini-USB slot to charge the Tamaggo. It is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery.

The device has a 2 inch display screen on which you can preview your works of art, although to really see how clear the picture is, you’ll have to view it on a larger screen.

Expect to be able to buy the Tamaggo 360 by June 2012. It is likely to be priced at around $200 (£140).Tamaggo close up lens.Tamaggo lens view.Tamaggo side view.Tamaggo, Orientation Auto-Detection.

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