Quad Table Tennis Game


Quad Table Tennis GameIf you’ve thought of table tennis as a boring, predictable game, perhaps the Quad table tennis variant will change your mind.

In a conventional doubles table tennis game, teams of two players play against each other. The game is played on one large table with a net in the middle.

In the Quad version, there are 4 smaller tables with each mounted each on its own frame. The tables are shaped somewhat like triangles with curved angles. Each table measures 24 inches in length and 18” in width and has a hole in the middle.

The tables are made of fibreboard, with powder-coated metal frames. To play, the four tables are placed facing each other, a few feet away from each other.

In this version of the game too, four players can play, but each one competes against the other three. Any player can hit the ball onto any other player’s table. If the ball goes into the hole on the opponent’s table, the player who hit the ball scores a point.

As you can imagine, what makes this version more exciting than conventional table tennis is the sheer uncertainty, given that the ball can be randomly hit to your table by any of the other three players.

In a conventional doubles game of table tennis, each of the four players takes turns at trying to hit the ball. In the Quad version, no such rules apply. Quite simply, therefore, players have to be much more alert and agile.

This Quad Table Tennis version is priced at $250 (£170).

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