Easy-to-Fold Electric Bike, the Voltitude Scooter


Voltitude view from the front.Of course you’ve heard of a Swiss army knife. But have you heard of the Swiss army bike? Officially, it’s called the Voltitude fold-up electric scooter.

Developed by Voltitude, a company founded by Eric Collombin, who is also the CEO, a prototype of this personal electric vehicle was first unveiled to the public in April 2011. The company itself was established a couple of months later, in July 2011.

This Swiss company is now ready to commence its first pre-series production using an external manufacturing manufacturer. Commercial production of 50 scooters per week is likely to start around the time of Voltitude’s first anniversary.

The ingenious EasyFold system allows you to neatly fold the scooter so you can actually “walk” it to where you want to store it (technically, perhaps we should say “park it”).

The Voltitude electric scooter can touch a top speed of 25 25km/h. It is powered by rechargeable9.5 Ah Lithium ion batteries that require about four hours to get fully charged. A fully charged battery can give you a range of up to 40 Km, depending on terrain and of course, pedal input.

The Voltitude electric bike is expected to be priced at CHF 5000 (that’s about 4000 Euros). It will be launched in Switzerland, but expect to see these bikes make their way across many countries by the end of 2012.

The company proposes to revise its web site in another two months, including more information about the changes that will be seen in the commercial-scale version.Voltitude folded-up.Voltitude, very easy to fold-up.Voltitude DimensionsEric Collombin, Voltitude Founder.Voltitude view from the rear.

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