DuoFertility Ovulation Monitor


DuoFertility Ovulation MonitorHuman beings are perhaps the only species where a certain activity serves the purpose of both procreation and recreation. For those aiming to achieve the former objective, it’s largely been a process of trial and error. Not that “trials” are devoid of fun, but in some cases, it may well take several years to conceive.

Cambridge Temperature Concepts Ltd. has developed an ovulation monitor that promises to make it easier for couples to figure out the best time to do what it takes to conceive.

Body temperature is a key determinant of ovulation. The DuoFertility monitor, as it is called, is a wearable sensor that is capable of measuring even subtle changes in body temperature.

The sensor is a disc of approximately 1-inch diameter. It is placed on the adhesive strip which is then stuck just above or below the bra. Make sure, though, that the area is clean and dry.

Data from the sensor is wirelessly transmitted every few seconds to the hand-held reader unit. Whenever you wish to check your fertility rates, simply switch on the hand-held reader, wait for the lights to come on, and hold it close to the sensor.

In just a few seconds, the reader will analyse the data and predict the best period for you to try and conceive. The good news is that it gives you up to six days advance notice so if either you or your partner is not in town, you have enough time to get back.

This device has been available in Europe since 2009 and has now received approval from the US FDA as well.

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