Track Your Performance with the Nike+ FuelBand


Nike+ FuelBandIf you want to improve yourself, you must at first ascertain where you are. To do that you’ll need to measure your performance. How are you supposed to do that though? Well, with a gadget of course.

The Nike+ FuelBand has been made to act as a tracker for your NikeFuel scores. It does this by communicating with an app that you download onto your iPhone – yep, its Apple only I’m afraid. Which is sort of fair enough, when you consider that an Apple a day keeps the doctor away – yes, yes awful joke alert! Moving on.

Basically, your fuel score is increased by the amount of exercise you complete everyday. If your a lazy gamer, a high score could be just the incentive you need to get off the couch. You can share your progress online with friends, and generate charts too, so that you can really track your progress and also detect trends in your exercise practices.

The FuelBand itself goes on your wrist and has a rather cute way of letting you know if you’ve met your daily targets. It features 20 coloured LEDs which appear as either red or green depending on whether you’ve been good or not.

The FuelBand can’t tell what you’re doing exactly, so even if you are running to the fridge, it’ll be happy. You can buy the Nike+ FuelBand from the 22nd of February this year, for around $140 (£100). Steep yes, but you wanted to lose a few pounds didn’t you?Nike+ FuelBand, connect with USB.Nike+ FuelBandNike+ FuelBand App for your smartphone.Nike+ FuelBand, specification sheet.

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