Graphite Quill with No Dipping Required


Inkless Graphite QuillThere isn’t a writer in the world who doesn’t have a preferred writing instrument. I may be typing this on my lovely Macbook Air, but I would rather be writing it on a brand new set of paper with a fine Bic pen.

Don’t ask me why, but they are the only pens I’m truly happy using. Of course the writer in you may long for something even more stripped back than a pen. How does a quill sound? Now before you start imaging your fingers stained with ink, smudging your paper, I should tell you that this isn’t the sort of quill that Shakespeare, Byron or Keats would have used.

No, this is something else entirely. This is essentially a graphite sculpture – even the feathers are made from it. OK, so it isn’t exactly authentic, but does today’s society have a place for an ink well and an Ostrich feather.

You couldn’t make a write a quick note on the bus with an average quill, you’d get ink everywhere for starters. These are lovingly made by hand too, each one of them. With normal daily use, the quill will last 9 years and comes in an attractive gift box.

The gorgeous Inkless Graphite Quill costs around $22 (£15) for the small version and around £30 for the larger one. Sadly they are both sold out at the moment, but that won’t stop me dropping a few hints to Cupid on Valentine’s Day. Roses and an Inkless Quill, honestly, could a girl ask for more?Inkless Graphite Quill

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