AOC 3D Monitor is Flicker-Free


AOC e2352Phz  3D Monitor 3D has come a long way since we made 3D glasses out of cereal boxes and sweet wrappers. For one, they work with much more than just the free comics you used to get in the newspaper. Now you can go to see fantastic 3D films, watch 3D TVs, even take 3D photos on your smartphone.

You can also get yourself a 3D computer monitor. Let’s have a look at the latest one from AOC. The latest monitor from AOC, has a 23 inch flicker free display, so you can say goodbye to eye strain. As well as the monitor, you get two pairs of passive polarised glasses.

They are thankfully very lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear, and better still, will work with any FPR TVs or monitors that you buy in the future. It isn’t just computer connectivity that you’re afforded either, you can attach the monitor to any 3D Blu-ray players you may have, or to your PS3 or XBOX 360.

How much better will gaming and movie nights be when they come with 3D video and sound, eh? Speaking of sound, you won’t need additional speakers either, because there is a pretty nice pair built into the monitor.

The AOC e2352Phz flicker-free 3D monitor can be yours for just under $270 (£200). You’d pay that for your average souped up screen, so why not get yourself a 3D screen for the same price. Go on, you deserve all of the 3D display goodness you can get your hands on!AOC e2352Phz  3D Monitor AOC e2352Phz  3D Monitor.AOC e2352Phz  3D Monitor

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