Victorinox SSD Stick with up to 1TB Storage


Victorinox SSD Stick with up to 1TB StorageIf you are at all familiar with Victorinox, you may be expecting to hear about a brand new Swiss Army knife that will transform your camping future.

Well sorry, but no, there’s something sorta different on offer here, and it’s more for all of the more business minded individuals, who are hiding out there. We’re mainly talking about memory sticks here, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find a cheeky corkscrew attachment thrown in with it too.

Their newest memory stick has 1TB of space, which is quite a bit more than you’d expect to get onboard a standard computer. It comes packed with its own software too, and 256 AES combi hardware.

Victorinox assures users that the drive will remain un-hacked too, so don’t worry about all of your data – it’ll be safe. The data part of this Swiss Army creation fits into the black (and luckily empty) knife section.

In the red knife section you’ll find all of your usual Swiss Army gubbins thrown in, you know the sort, knife, screwdriver, scissors, and nail file /cleaner, that sort of thing. Why you’d need a flash drive attached to all that, I don’t know.

If you need this amount of space on a portable drive, brace yourself, because it isn’t going to be cheap. When the flash drive is released in August later this year, you’ll find yourself facing a $2,250 (£1,500) to $3,000 (£2,000) price tag.

So whatever you do, don’t lose it, you’ll end up missing much more than just your data.

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