Stop Losing Things with the BiKN Tag System


Treehouse Labs BiKNWe all love our iPhones and if there is a way to protect it and the insurance premiums you’ve lavished on it, you’re probably going to take it. Treehouse Labs have come up with a new protective casing for your iPhone – shame about the name though.

It’s called the BiKN, which apparently is pronounced as beacon – don’t you just hate companies cashing in on the iDevice tag – very annoying, especially when it’s used in the middle of a name. Regardless of that gripe, let’s check out what it does.

Offering “more protection than simple case” is the claim from Treehouse Labs, and it sort of does that job. It comes with a number of tags that you can clip to whatever you fancy, such as your belt, bag or even the top of a pocket – the choice is yours.

These tags can then find your phone with visual cues, or audio signals. You can also protect it by having an alarm sound whenever it is a certain distance from you.

You can buy the case in various different colours and can update the look even more, by adding a tag base or highlight colour to it as well. The latest release date for the BiKN case is February this year, not long to wait, but a recommended price still hasn’t been released for it.

The app that you need to run it correctly is available now from the app store and here’s a bonus for you, it’s completely free. Happy days!

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