World’s Largest Scrabble Game


World’s Largest Scrabble GameAlthough the technology world continues to make the smallest this and the tiniest that, most of us still long for a hulking piece of hardware. I mean, honestly, would you really choose a TV in your watch over a massive 60 inch plasma screen? No, you wouldn’t.

So why should you make the same concessions with your board games – that’s right – board games. I hope you know more than a few big words, because the worlds largest here is a Scrabble game. Not as exciting as the world’s largest monster truck, you say? You’ve obviously never seen my triple word scores…

You can enjoy wordplay over 49 square feet of board, which is almost five times larger than your average, and comparatively tiny Scrabble board. The board itself is made from Russian birch plywood. It has the same purple hued backboard as the Scrabble that we’re all so familiar with and has been laminated with a rather astonishing 0.23 gauge sheet of galvanised metal.

The heavy vinyl print of the board is also protected from scratches and scuffs by a spiffy satin laminate. Finishing it off is a birch wood frame, which will also attach it to whatever wall is big enough to support it.

My friends, this is as far as you could go from travel Scrabble! If you’ve got a $12,000 (£8,000) and enough intellectually minded mates (or at least a handful who like to spell out rude words), you can enjoy your very own “world’s largest Scrabble board” – just not the only one.

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