Epson PowerLite 93+ Projector


Epson PowerLite 93+ ProjectorDo you remember when you were in school, when the teachers would let you go wild with acetate sheets to create presentations for the overhead projectors – they were good times.

I realise most schools have moved on from what I’ll term as the good ol’ days, and most school children would be baffled if their teacher handed them a variety of markers and sheets when they could do the same thing quicker and more professionally on a computer.

Even if the technology is much more sophisticated, there’s still a need for a classroom projector, and Epson have come up with a doozy of one. The latest Epson Power Lite 93+ projector boasts 200 more lumens than the previous model in the range, and delivers some fantastically crisp images with its fabulous XGA resolution.

It has wired LAN connectivity, virtual remote control, HDMI support and various other network capabilities. Don’t worry about fiddling with external speakers either. The internal 16 watt speakers of the device are more than capable of delivering quality to sound the average classroom.

It has captioning capabilities too, so it will be equally suitable in classrooms that require more accessibility and learning support. When the Epson PowerLite 93+ projector finally gets its release in March, expect to pay around $650 (£450).

It’s a fantastic investment piece for classrooms everywhere and won’t be an obsolete piece of tech (hopefully) in the next five years, making the price tag quite a fair one. Well done Epson, gold stars all round!Epson PowerLite 93+ Projector, Side View.Epson PowerLite 93+ Projector, Top View.Epson PowerLite 93+ Projector, Back View.

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