Miveu X Camera Mount for the iPhone 4/4S


Miveu Camera Mount for the iPhone4/4SAnyone who was lucky enough to go to the gadget Mecca, that is CES, will undoubtedly have heard numerous new buzzwords for the latest gadget trends. It seems like every year there are new ones to learn – laptops become ultra-books, phones get smarter, and Apple products become iDevices.

One of the biggest talking points at CES this year were the cameras that could be mount to various items to allow you to be forever ready for action shots. So if you’re a skier, you can add it to your helmet, or if you’re a biker, you can stick it on your handle bars.

These cameras were great, especially Liquid Image’s EGO camera, but these companies are forgetting that a lot of us use our iPhones for absolutely everything, including camera work. Miveu haven’t overlooked this fact though, and have come up with a range of mounts that can be used on your iPhone 4 and 4S.

With the Miveu X, you simply strap the mount onto your chest and position its lens, so that you can take advantage of an extended viewing angle on your phone. Then let your imagination run wild with the shots that you want to make. If you want to get yourself one of these camera mounts, you can buy it now for around $79 (£50).

If you fancy something similar, but cheaper, take a look at the Miveu Z for just £12, a fantastic price for such a nifty little gadget, but be aware that it has less mounting options.

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