iCufflinks Feature Pulsating LED Power Icon


iCufflinks with Pulsating LED Power IconTwenty years ago, you could tell if someone was a geek just from a brief glance. The thick glasses, rainbow braces on both their teeth and their trousers, and shock of contrasting colours that they wore, would immediately let you know that they were a friend of science. Things are quite different now though.

We belong to a world of invisible braces, contact lenses and laser eye surgery. There are also numerous sites and TV shows that help you dress better. So how do you spot a suaver geek? Check out their cufflinks of course.

If you’re in a bar, restaurant or club, and notice something strange about the cufflinks on the handsome gentleman sitting not that far from you, you may have found a suave geek.

You’ve heard about WiFi cufflinks, but these are something quite different and delightfully unique. The cufflinks are made of aluminium, the material of choice for all discerning geeks and techies.

They also have LED power displays which pulsate on their basic setting. If you are handy with your CAD skills, you can customise the cufflink light displays to make them truly unique to you. If you want to grab some statement clothing, you’re unlikely to find anything finer than this.

The iCufflinks can be yours for around $200 (£139), that may be quite a bit more than your average pair of cufflinks, but the statement they make could help you secure a job promotion, or even help you score with the ladies (or the fellas).

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