GHOST Vessel


GHOST VesselUnless you work as a spy, government agent, or in some other top secret defence field, you won’t really have to worry about stealth equipment. That doesn’t mean you can’t be interested in it though. Do the words ‘first super-captivating watercraft’ mean anything to you? No? Oh, me neither, but have a read any way.

Juliet Marine Systems, or JMS if you love using acronyms, have come up with the GHOST Vessel. It sounds a bit scary doesn’t it? Well that’s sort of the point, I suppose. When the Royal Navy announces a future machine, they don’t want you feeling all warm and fluffy inside when you hear the name.

You aren’t supposed to be able to detect it, and if you’re looking for it with a ship’s radar, you won’t be able to, nifty eh? Sadly this vessel doesn’t have any mutant like powers which allow it to be undetectable, it does it with science instead.

Apparently it’s chocked full of goodies too, and by goodies, I mean weapons. How do Mark 48 torpedoes sound to you? As someone who knows relatively little about weapons and machinery, I can only guess.

Obviously this isn’t a gadget that you’ll be able to pick up from Firebox. I’m sure if you’re rich enough you could get your hands on one – you’ll need quite a big swimming pool to play with it in though.

Also, you might want to keep quiet about having one, people (or rather the government) might get the wrong idea!GHOST VesselGHOST VesselGHOST VesselGHOST Vessel

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