Finely Chopped Cloves with the Garlic Zoom XL


Garlic Zoom XLGarlic is an important ingredient in many cuisines from around the world. Italian, Greek, Chinese, Indian cooking all use garlic. In fact, garlic is also known for its medicinal qualities, and is believed to reduce cholesterol.

The challenge, however, is that mincing garlic can be quite a task. You need to break the pod open, separate individual cloves and then cut them into smaller pieces or just crush the cloves to release the flavour. In the process, your hands tend to smell rather strongly of garlic. Perhaps not quite you want if you’re cooking for someone special ahead of a cosy evening at home.

The Garlic Zoom XL from ThinkGeek is just what you need in your kitchen to ensure that you have your garlic and can eat it too. This kitchen mate simplifies the chore of mincing garlic.

All you need to do is to break open the pod of garlic, extract as many cloves as you need, peel them and put them into the trapdoor at the top of the gadget. Shut the trapdoor and move the Garlic Zoom around on its wheels.

The stainless steel blades inside the Zoom rotate when you move it and in the process, the cloves get chopped. The more you move the Zoom around, the more finely it will chop the garlic cloves.

If you’re already thinking of hygiene and cleanliness of the gadget, fear not. The entire blade unit can be removed and washed quite easily. Please keep the blades away from your children.

This potential life-saver-in-the-kitchen is priced at $15 (£10).Garlic Zoom XL, chopping garlic.Garlic Zoom XL, chopping garlic.

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