Dog Leash with Integrated LED Torch


Dog Leash with integrated LED torchTo make sure your pet dog stays healthy, you need to take it out for walks every day. In fact, walks twice a day are recommended, if your schedule will allow it.

It is good form to use a leash while walking your dog unless your pet dog is so well-trained that you can command it completely with just your voice. After all, there just isn’t any point risking a fight with another dog in the neighbourhood, is there?

Standard leashes are either constant-length or retractable. The latter gives you greater control over your pet, while allowing it greater freedom to explore interesting smells as you take it for a walk in the neighbourhood.

Hammacher Schlemmer brings you a retractable leash with an integrated LED torch mounted on top of the handle. The 9 LED lamps on the torch are powered by 3 AAA batteries. This leash is priced at $40 (£27).

The idea is to save you from having to carry a separate torch or flashlight while walking your dog at night or when the light is poor. Do keep in mind that this leash is meant only for dogs that weigh less than about 15 Kgs.

If you use it on anything heavier, you run the risk of the leash snapping quite easily under the force exerted by the dog as it tries to get away from you. The leash is about 16” in length and locks into place at the pull of as trigger.

The handle of the leash has a built-in storage compartment that can hold a waste bag. The leash (together with torch) weighs about 12 ounces.Dog Leash Torch

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