FLEX for iPad 2, Tough Case


FLEX for iPad 2When spring is here, can summer be far behind? So also, the market for accessories to gadgets opens up soon after the gadgets themselves are released. There are accessories and there are accessories. From cases for mobile phones to docking devices, there are many different varieties.

The Flex for iPad 2 is a different kind of accessory. To describe it in simple words, it will allow an iPad 2 to be carried around comfortably, and for it to be used in various settings. Besides, the Flex provides the iPad 2 with additional cushioning and protection should the device ever fall.

The Flex, which is being developed by California-based UZBL, began as an accessory to help school kids keep their iPad 2 devices safe against the impact of falls and shocks. Based on feedback from parents, it has evolved.

The Flex kit now includes a snap-on hand-strap, a shoulder-strap and a snap-on rotating pivot with a ¼” tripod thread that can be screwed on to a camera mount.

The Flex frame and pivot are made of hard polycarbonate, while the extra cushioning comes from a silicone skin with “air cells” that can reduce impact on falls from heights up to 6’. The Velcro hand-strap ensures that your precious iPad 2 won’t slip out of wet or greasy hands.

The Flex kit is likely to be priced in the US retail market at $59 (£40). If what you’ve read about it spurs you on to buy it, you can contribute to UZBL’s fund-raising campaign on Kickstarter and get yourself a discount.FLEX inner cover.FLEX outer protection.FLEX in use.FLEX, with handy strap.

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