Dropcam, Worlds Smallest Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Camera


Dropcam Video KitWith evolving camera technology, the science of surveillance is making rapid strides. The Dropcam is “the world’s smallest Wi-Fi video monitoring camera”, designed for use at home. With it, you can keep an eye on your children or even pets.

The Dropcam is easy to set up; in fact, it can be set up in about a minute. Also, the images you see are of 720 p HD quality. Best of all, you can view the images even on your smartphone, which means even when you’re on the train home, you can keep a watch over your loved ones.

The Dropcam allows two-way communication, which means that when you can speak into your phone, and your baby at home can hear you. Similarly, you can listen to what the child-minder is saying to your baby. In fact, should someone try to unplug the Dropcam, you can even see who is doing it.

The Dropcam allows you to view video on Apple Macs, Windows PCs, iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iTouch as well as Android phones (running version 2.2. or higher with at least an ARM v7 processor).

With earlier-generation cameras, storage of images and videos was a problem. The Dropcam cleverly uses a DVR on a cloud to store the footage. The servers are secure, so you don’t have to worry about information privacy being breached.

The device uses infrared technology to capture images in the dark or when ambient light quality is poor. When light quality improves, night vision switches off automatically.

The Dropcam is priced at $150 (£100) and is expected to be available for shipping towards the latter half of March.Dropcam, tiny Wi-Fi camera with 720 p HD quality.

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