Alienware X51 Launched


Alienware X51Gamers of the world, rejoice, for the Alienware X51 is here. This desktop is specially designed for gaming and is much smaller than the bulky computers one typically associates Alienware with.

With its dual-orientation chassis, the X51 can stand upright or on its side, giving you more possibilities to fit it into your private domain, away from the prying eyes of friends and foes, as you hone your gaming skills even more.

The X51 delivers 3D gaming experience and 1080 p HD image resolution. On the audio side, it offers 7.1 surround sound, just perfect for your favourite games.

The same audio capability comes in handy should you decide to take a break from a game and choose to watch your favourite movie on a Blu-Ray disc.

The X51 runs on Intel’s second generation Core i processors. The NVIDIA GeForceGT or optional GTX graphics card gives it the extra power for gaming. The entry-level configuration comprises a Core i3 processor, 4GB RAM, 1GB NVIDIA GT 545 graphics card and a 1TB 7200 rpm hard drive.

Lest you think the X51 is only a gaming machine, be assured that it can easily handle routine tasks too. Wireless N technology enables easy and fast access to the worldwide web, while the HDMI 1.4 capability allows it to be connected to 3D TVs so you can watch 3D movies from Blu-Ray discs.

The X51 is not exactly your cheap computer- neither is it intended to be. With a starting price of $700 on the Dell web-site, the X51 is targeted at hard-core gamers. And if you’re wondering why Dell sells Alienware machines, it’s because Dell acquired Alienware some years ago. Elementary, my dear Watson!Alienware X51Alienware X51Alienware X51 comes with many colour configurations.Alienware X51, software for box configurations.

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