My-Ditto Cloud System


My-Ditto Cloud SystemMy-Ditto from Dane-Elec is an easy-to-use Network Attached Storage centre. What exactly does it do? Explaining it with an example may be easiest. Let’s say you are working on a work-related presentation on your home computer and forget to carry the file on your USB drive.

Neither have you copied it on to your work laptop. What do you do if you’ve realized this when you are on board your flight? If there’s someone at home you can trust your passwords with, perhaps you can call that person, share your passwords and request that person to e-mail the presentation to your id and hope you can retrieve it once you get off your flight.

This solution is fine except that you can’t give your slides the finishing touches that you wanted to during your three hour flight. With my-Ditto, you can. Install a my-Ditto server (they come with capacities of 1 to 4 TB) at home and install an ethernet router.

Then, while working on your home computer, simply plug in the my-Ditto USB key. This allows all your files to be also saved on the my-Ditto server as well. Later, plug the USB key into your computer from wherever you are and access your files.

As long as your server and router are working (unreliable electricity supply may be a problem), you can access your files. My-Ditto is secure, coming as it does with 256 bit AES encryption. It also provides you with backup and disaster recovery.

If you are a business with up to 30 employees, you can customize a key for every employee so that everyone benefits. The my-Ditto app allows you to access your files via your smartphone running Android, iOS or Windows Mobile 6.1 or higher operating systems.

The 1TB solution is priced at $180 (£120), while the 4TB solution costs $370 (£240).

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