Electric Goldfish, Low Maintenance Pet


Electronic Goldfish in a BowlAlthough one can’t play with pet goldfish the way one might with a pet dog or cat, there is still a bond of affection that forms with fish. The memory of dead fish in one’s fishbowl at home can be painful even after many years.

If you want to give your home the feel of goldfish and yet not dread the day when you wake up to see some of the fish floating instead of swimming, maybe you should get yourself the electronic goldfish in a bowl.

For about $20 (£14), you get a glass bowl that is designed to look like a real goldfish bowl, base decoration and one fish that even looks real. All you need to do to get your electronic goldfish bowl working is to fill the bowl with water, put 3 AA batteries (you have to buy them separately) into the top and put the top back on.

Tap the top of the bowl to get the fish swimming in a way that looks quite real. There’s an LED that changes from one to another colour, adding to the effect of having the electronic fish bowl in your room. If it’s kept far enough from visitors, they won’t even catch on to the fact that your fishy is anything but real.

If you’re travelling, but have forgotten to ask anyone to change the water and feed the fish every day, do not worry. When you get back home after a few days, just replace the batteries and not even the fish will know you weren’t around!Goldfish in a bowl with the lights down.

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