Sony SmartWatch, Social Centre on Your Wrist


Sony SmartWatchAlthough technology is developed at an alarming rate, we’re only just getting the gadgets that we were promised by Star Trek and Q from the Bond films.

Life’s too short to be digging around in your bag for your smartphone whenever it bleeps at you. No, you need something that would already be in your hand, or perhaps on your wrist.

Sony’s latest SmartWatch delivers just that. On the strap you’ll find an attached OLED touch screen, which can display whatever apps you would like it too. It can even display the time! It communicates with your current Android phone via Bluetooth 3.0.

Just imagine it, you’re at some boring event with your other half and are desperate to have anything else to look at, just so you can ignore your current situation. You can’t get your phone out, because that’s rude, but there’s nothing stopping you from checking the time is there?

You can read your texts and emails, find out the latest weather forecasts, see who’s calling you, and even choose between accepting and denying the calls. You can keep up to date with all of your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter too.

You’ll be able to get this on your wrist, later this year in March. It’ll cost you around $150 (£100), which isn’t bad for an Android media hub that sits so comfortably like a watch. You’ll be able to choose from an array of colours too, including; pink, mint, blue, white, grey and black.Sony SmartWatchSony SmartWatch in blue, green and pink.

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