iPad Guitar Apprentice, Learn to Play the Quick Way


Guitar Apprentice for iPadIf you were in a band when you were in school (and you were at least a little bit good in the said band) you’ll know that there’s a certain amount of cache that comes with it. Musicians are cool – end of. If you weren’t in a band in school, you almost certainly fancied someone who was.

It’s never too late to learn how to be a rockstar though. Forget about learning chords with a dusty book and blistering your fingers, you can use your iPad as the ultimate learning instrument. Say hello to Guitar Apprentice, it’s an incredible case which holds your iPad in place whilst you literally become a “guitar apprentice”.

Instead of holding down strings, there are buttons in their place, as well as along each of the guitars frets, allowing you to enjoy a fully simulated experience. LEDs light up to help you learn the chord finger placements.

The iPad app that goes along with it allows you to truly customise the sound of your new guitar too. You can get yourself one of these cases for around $99 (£65), which is a bit cheaper than most basic electric guitars.

You’ll need to already have an iPad though. OK so you’ll probably just end up playing with it as a toy, but it’ll still provide you with hours of fun.

The Guitar Apprentice will be available to buy this July, which is also when my birthday falls, let’s see if my hints pay off – well I have always wanted to play the guitar.

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