Kids DVR from Fisher-Price


Kids DVR from Fisher-PriceDo you think your little tyke could be the next Spielberg or Scorsese? Are you pinning your hopes of a comfortable retirement on their success? Well, you should probably get them a starter camera then. If you’re going to splash the cash, you’ll want something that your little darlings aren’t likely to destroy won’t you?

Fisher-Price know that you want your children’s toys to last, so they’ve come up with something that even the worst toddlers would have a tough time destroying. If you’re looking for something rugged, look no further than the device’s name – Kid Tough DVR.

Hard-wearing doesn’t mean boys only either, you can buy the device in pink and blue. The devices can record up to two hours of video and will last four hours on a full charge. If you want to give them more recording space, you can simply add to it via the handy micro SD card slot.

It has a small 3.5inch touch screen, which is big enough for your little tykes to get their fingers on. If you don’t fancy listening to the audio of your child’s recordings, you can stick a pair of earphones in to the handy 35 mm jack.

Just what every parent wants, a tantrum proof toy that can be made relatively silent. You’ll be able to buy the Kid Tough DVR from March this year, it’ll cost you around £100.

Not exactly small change, but just think of your retirement, and that special mention in their Oscar winner’s speech.Kids DVR from Fisher-Price, finished in pink.Kids DVR from Fisher-Price, view from the side of the blue and pink models.

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