ION Audio Road Rocker, iPad Dock


ION Audio Road RockerWe’ve gone a long way since we started using portable speaker systems. People no longer walk down the street with a Boom-box on their shoulder, and we’ve all tired of using rickety little speakers which don’t produce particularly clear sound.

We listen to our music in different ways now too, we use our smartphones and tablet devices. If you’re an iOS device user and you like portable sound, you may be interested in getting yourself an ION Audio Road Rocker.

These cool gadgets can stream your music wirelessly via Bluetooth, making it compatible with all smartphones, not just iPhones, and also has an integrated cradle area for your iOS devices to sit in.

The cradle can also charge your device, how handy is that when you’re on the move. It has an inbuilt rechargeable battery, so you won’t have to pay for any separate ones, you just need to remember to charge it before you go away.

The ION Audio Road Rocker isn’t available at the moment. There currently isn’t any word on when it will definitely be released, but we have been promised that you can grab one before the end of this year.

There isn’t a price attached to it at the moment either. Basically, we don’t know that much about it. If you like the look of the Road Rocker keep your eyes on the ION Audio website for more news, until then you may want to dig out your old Walkman for some on the road tunes, or you know your iPod – whatever.

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