Flash Drive and Wi-Fi Cufflinks


WiFi USB Flash Drive Cufflinks.Are you a smart sort? Both intellectually and fashionably? Well, how do you fancy owning a pair of techy cufflinks? That’s right these aren’t items confined to a James Bond film, they’re a real life item that can be yours today.

They’re made out of oval shaped rhodium plated metal and have a shining silver finish, which will look great against any colour shirt and even better under a grey jacket. They can be used as your very own portable WiFi hotspot that can carry up to 2GB of internal hard drive space.

If you want to dress up your favourite shirts with a pair of Wi-Fi cufflinks you can grab a pair now. They are quite expensive though, $290 (£195). So if you do get some, don’t wear them with a Primark suit, you can only dress your outfit up so much with a pair of cufflinks after all.

Oh and don’t accidentally leave them on your shirt when it goes into the washing machine, they’re clever but can’t withstand a torrent of water whooshing all over them.

If they aren’t your idea of a great gadget then maybe they’d suit a friend instead. If you know someone with awful fashion sense, this present would be great as a gentle nudge towards smartening their appearance.

If you’re a lady who doesn’t fancy a fitted suit, you could try wearing them as clip on earrings instead. As you can see there are a number of options out there for you.

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