Das Model S Professional Mac Keyboard


Das Model S Professional Mac KeyboardMaybe it’s just me, but whenever something has the word ‘Das’ in front of it, I don’t automatically feel all warm and fuzzy inside – that might have something to do with multiple viewings of Das Boot, who knows.

I think I could get on board with the Das Model S Professional Mac Keyboard though. Even the quickest typists and most adept key bashers can rest assured that their keyboard will withstand 50 million strokes.

You can all get started on your novels now, without fear of your keyboard packing in when you get to chapter ten. It has an enhanced layout with 104 keys, which can control your media applications like iTunes and Quicktime. You can programme quick keys for your most used applications too.

Extra usability comes from its two USB ports, and if you like to sit far away from your computer’s monitor, you can as it comes with a two metre USB cable connector.

It’s also quite an attractive piece of hardware too and will dress up even the drabbest of desks. The Das Model S Professional Mac Keyboard isn’t available just yet, but can be yours from the 15th April this year.

If you preorder it now you’ll save around $20 (£12) off the currently touted $133 (£85) price tag, which should hopefully pay for your shipping from the US. That’s right, it’s only available in the USA and Canada, but when did that stop any of you gadget hounds out there from getting your hands on what you want.Das Model S Professional Mac Keyboard

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