Mimomicro USB Card Reader & Drive


Mimomicro, DC comicsWill there ever be an end to Star Wars merchandise tie-ins? I certainly hope not. We’ve had t-shirts, novels, umbrellas, games, lego, and of course action figures. Now your favourite Star Wars (and DC comics) characters are going to invade the computer peripherals market.

If you’ve seen Mimoco’s range of Mimobot flash drives, you’ll pretty much know what you can expect from their new Mimomicro range – the same, but smaller. The added extras of these new devices making them so much more interesting though. The Mimomicro can also be used as a MicroSD reader too.

So your eReader, camera and smartphone data, will always be easy to transfer. Say goodbye to all of those annoying tangled USB wires. The Mimomicro certainly is a micro device and measures just 1.6” by 1”. You can strap it onto your favourite keyring too, so no matter where you are you’ll have all of your important data close at hand.

Just make sure that you hold on to your keys. Access to your house and your important files is never going to end well. Well, you don’t want to feel any unnecessary forces on your bank account do you?

The flash drives will be released in March, later this year. There’s no word on the price of each of these little cuties just yet, but considering the price of their previous drives, you should expect to pay anywhere between £15 and £75, depending on the size of the device’s storage space.Mimomicro, Star Wars edition.Mimomicro

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