Instant Flat Tire Sealer And Inflator


Instant Flat Tire Sealer And InflatorIt’s a beautiful day, you’ve gone for a gentle drive and all of a sudden – bang – flat tyre. You’re on your way to work, you’re already really late – bang – flat tyre.

You’re driving home from a holiday, hoping to make good time – bang – flat tyre. It doesn’t matter where you’re going, or what you’re doing, a flat tyre is one of the most annoying problems to face drivers every day. There is a solution though, the Instant Flat Tyre Sealer and Inflator.

With one of these at hand you’ll be able to patch up your burst tyre and re-inflate it within ten minutes – well that’s the claim from the inflator’s manufacturer anyway. You won’t have to remove your tyre or get yourself covered in oil. It has a built-in compressor to pump air back into the deflated tyre.

The sealant simply goes in through the tyre’s air valve and is made out of a patented nano-fibre, which can be used as long as the hole is no larger than a quarter inch wide. It won’t fix the tyre for good, but it’ll let you drive 125 miles to sort it out properly.

The Instant Flat Tyre Sealer and Inflator is available now and can be yours for just $60 (£40). It’ll be much easier popping one of these in your boot instead of having to call out breakdown cover, or pulling over to jack up your car to change a tyre.

Grab yourself one today and make sure you always have it with you.

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