Sony F65 CineAlta Digital Motion Picture Camera


Sony F65 CameraThe F65 CineAlta digital motion picture camera represents Sony’s continued efforts to push 4K technology. That this camera is viewed as a big deal is proved by the fact that it was launched at an exclusive ceremony during the Sony Open golf tournament in the presence of the company’s Chairman & CEO, Sir Howard Stringer.

Announced some months ago, the F65 received more than 400 pre-orders worldwide. It remains to be seen what film professionals from Hollywood and elsewhere use it to create. At least two major studies are believed to be planning to use the F65 on their forthcoming projects.

At CES 2012, Sony reaffirmed its commitment to 4K technology by announcing 4K home theatre systems in the not-so-distant future. At the core of 4K technology is the 8K image sensor that approximates to 20 megapixel images. This represents higher image fidelity and resolution than any other digital cinema camera today.

The objective of 4K technology was to match the quality of 35 mm photographic film using digital cameras. With the F65, that goal has been achieved.

The F65 is equally at home to record both slow motion and fast motion. You can record at rates of 1 to 60 frames per second (4Kx2K resolution) and up to 120 frames per second (4Kx1K resolution).

Its 16 bit Linear RAW File output capability further equips cinema and studio professionals to retain fidelity from shoot through post-processing. File-based SR Codec recording makes for faster, more efficient episodic TV production workflow. With the F65, you get even greater exposure latitude and a wider gamut of colours gamut than before.Sony Electronics senior executives present the new F65 camera to the-first-customer, Otto Nemenz, owner of a major rental house in Hollywood.

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