intelliPillow Automatically Adjusts With Your Movements


Robotic Pillow Cradles Your HeadThe softest pillow, it is often said, is a clear conscience. In today’s digital era, it is perhaps only in the fitness of things that even our pillows go digital.

The intelliPillow, developed by Innvo Labs, is a self-adjusting pillow that senses the sleeper’s body position and suitably inflates or deflates itself.

This robotic pillow comprises a thin mat placed below the sleeper’s shoulders, an air pump and a controller. The mat is able to sense the pressure exerted on it by the body of the person sleeping on it.

All you need to do is specify your settings for flat sleeping position (on your back) sleep or side sleeping position (on your side). Should you change position when sleeping, the pressure-sensitive mat senses the change and triggers the two air chambers inside the pillow to expand or contract.

The inflation or deflation process is smooth and slow enough so as not to disturb the sleeper. The air pump is quiet too, registering only 37dB at a distance of two feet. That makes it unlikely that the sound will wake the sleeper either.

If you’re salivating at the prospect of sound sleep and can’t wait to get your head atop this pillow, I’m afraid you have to wait for 2013, which is when this robotic pillow is likely to be available.

And how much might you have to pay for this wonderful-sounding sleep aid? No firm numbers yet, but indications are that it won’t exactly be cheap. The intelliPillow is likely to be priced at $300 (£200).Robotic Pillow Cradles Your Head

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