Extreme Sports Camera, Liquid Image Ego Cam


Liquid Image Ego CamThe Ego camera comes from Liquid Image, the same company that developed an underwater mask with built-in camera. The Ego is a small, water-resistant HD video camera. It measures just about 3” in length with built-in Wi-Fi.

This camera is really targeted at a very small niche of the market: people who are into extreme sports and want an HD video camera to easily capture what they see (that the rest of the world can’t).

The idea is similar to that of a camera mounted on goggles, except that people on surfboards may not wear goggles. The Ego will come with a variety of mounts so it can be easily fit on to surfboards, handle bars, windshields and so on. People can even use the Ego to capture their reactions when they are at the top of a roller coaster ride.

The Ego can record up to 1080 pixels at 30 frames per second. If you want to record at a faster rate, you can record at 60 frames per second; but higher recording speed means lower resolution of 720 pixels per second.

The Ego is Wi-Fi enabled and once the apps are available (they’re under development), you can stream video from your Ego directly on to your tablets, smartphones or laptops.

Using a microSD memory card, the Ego’s storage can be expanded to 32GB. That should be enough to store your videos till you get the chance to transfer them to a more permanent and secure device, such as a computer or an external storage device. The Ego is expected to hit the market by mid-2012, and is likely to be priced at around $150 (£100).Liquid Image Ego CamLiquid Image Ego Cam

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