Waterproof Your Smartphone with Liquipel’s Nanocoating

| January 17, 2012 |

Liquipel, a California-based company, claims to have developed a nanocoating that is one thousandth the thickness of human hair and allows smartphones and other devices to be completely waterproofed.

Unlike conventional waterproof cases, Liquipel is a coating that forms a very think skin on top of the device. The coating is applied inside a vacuum chamber into which Liquipel vapour is injected. The company claims that the process exists in nature only “in the surface of the Sun”, and allows the Liquipel material to bond with the surface of the device at the “molecular level”.

Once this is done, the chamber is returned to atmospheric pressure. Liquipel claims that the nanocoating will not affect the feel or performance of the device. The coating does not block the jacks; neither does it damage any of the device’s features. For a smartphone, this could include speakers, microphone etc.

Liquipel currently offers this treatment to a select set of devices. This list includes iPhone 3G/S, 4/S, Samsung Charge, Motorola Droid X/X2 and HTC models such as the Evo, the MyTouch 4G and the Thunderbolt.

Depending on whether you want standard treatment or an anti-scratch protective film and how quickly you want your phone back, Liquipel charges anything between $59 and $79.

Liquipel’s nanocoating notwithstanding, be warned that moisture or water and electronics just do not mix. So you’ll probably be better off if you take precautions to keep your electronic gadgets away from moisture and water.

Liquipel demonstrated its product at CES 2012, using an iPhone that was placed under a continuously running showerhead.