Watch Phones, Hands-Free Calls, the Burg Neon Collection


Burg Neon Watch Phones

The watch industry is all set to strike back at the mobile phone manufacturing industry, it would appear. After all, if what started as a device to speak to people can tell the time or function as a stopwatch or alarm clock, why can’t something that began life as a chronometer transform itself into a device that also lets you speak to people over thousands of miles?

At the CES, Burg has announced two models from its stable of watch-phones. The Burg 9, whose starting price is $99 (£64), has an analogue face. With it, you can make and receive telephone calls, and it’s just like having a hands-free mobile handset.

It has GPS built-in, which means even if you were to get lost in a new city, for example, you needn’t fear too much. The Burg 11, which is the higher-priced model, starts at $299 (£194).

And for this price, you get lots of features. For instance, it can save up to 500 numbers in its phone book. You can send and receive texts- both SMS and MMS. You can take pictures with it, and record video and audio too.

It has Bluetooth connectivity, should you want to transfer your pictures to any other Bluetooth enabled device. Of course, its internal memory is limited to 2GB so don’t count on being able to store all your pictures from your holiday to Egypt or Ecuador, for that matter.

And if all this isn’t enough, the Burg 12 and 13 even allows you to browse the web.Burg Neon Watch PhonesBurg Neon Watch Phones

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