Geodog GPS Dog Collar


Geodog CollarsIf you’re a dog-lover and have raised your pet from when it was a month-old puppy, you probably know the bond that forms between the two. You also know that before they fully develop their sense of smell and bearing around the neighbourhood, puppies are vulnerable to getting lost. In the process, they can leave you with mega heartache.

If you’ve been thinking about a GPS dog collar, Geodog has just beaten you to the market with its version of exactly such a product. What’s more, this version is much more compact than earlier generations of such products.

What’s more, the Geodog GPS enabled dog collar is shock-proof and can be easily fixed and adjusted, causing minimum discomfort to the pet.

This dog collar has a slimline design and resembles a sophisticated standard dog collar. It weighs just about 150 grams. The collar has embedded proprietary software that works both with Windows PCs (XP/Vista/7) and smartphones that run either the Windows mobile or Android operating systems.

If you suspect your pet dog may be missing, just ring the Geodog number and you’ll receive a text message with the GPS coordinates of the dog’s location. Use your smartphone to locate the spot on a map and make your way there as soon as you can.

The software also allows you to define “zones” inside which the dog must remain. Any breach of these “zones” by your pet will trigger in you receiving alerts, so you can take necessary action.

The Geodog GPS enabled dog collar is available in two sizes- large and small. The Geodog system for PCs will cost you $378 (£248); the mobile version will cost you extra $125 (£82) for the multi-dog version and $87 (£57) for the single dog version.Geodog Locating Software.Geodog, locate your dog on your phone.Geodog Package.Geodog optional protective sleeve.Geodog, the case.

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