Voice and Gesture Controls Coming on Samsung Super OLED TVs


Voice and Gesture Controls for Samsung TVsWe all love relaxing with our feet up in front of the TV, but how annoying is it when you realise the remote is out of reach, and oh no it looks like Vernon Kaye’s annoying, toothy grin has just popped up on screen.

Suddenly you’ll find yourself torn between watching something terrible and ruining your relaxed state, or having to get up, ruining your relaxed state. If only you could control your TV with your mind – or failing that, by gesticulating wildly.

Well Samsung TVs will soon let you do just that – control your TV with your voice and by gesturing. First of all you’ll only be able to control TV menus and basic controls.

With the speed with which technology moves today, it probably won’t be long before you can use it to control all manner of apps and software.

Apparently Skype usability isn’t very far away, which should be fantastic news for anyone who uses the program to communicate with loved ones who are far away from home.

You’ll even be able to take advantage of the face recognition software to have your own Smart Hub account – surely we’re entering the final frontier of consumer technology.

You’ll be able to use Samsung Smart Interaction with their Super OLED TVs, their UNES8000, UNES7500 LED TVs, and their PNE8000 plasma TV.

There hasn’t been a definite word on pricing just yet, but don’t expect to get a bargain, these are really high end TVs and that’ll definitely be reflected in their price.

Here is a video from Samsung introducing the features at the CES 2012:

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