Samsung Wi-Fi Baby Monitor


Video Baby Monitor Using Wi-Fi from SamsungIn the past, having a baby meant one thing – change. Your sleeping patterns get totally rearranged, you have mountains of dirty onesies littering up your laundry basket, soiled nappies become an everyday occurrence and the sound of screaming replaces a once pleasant silence.

Although these are all still staples of child care today, there are also vast arrays of baby gadgets to deal with too. Forget about a simple pram or baby monitor, if today’s baby gadgets don’t have similar functions to our smart phones, we simply won’t pay money for them.

Gadget conscious parents will no doubt adore Samsung’s latest baby monitor device. It can produce clear images of your child even in a dark room, record live footage of your bundle of joy – wirelessly I might add – and can even transmit the live baby footage straight to your Android phone or iOS device, wherever you are. So even when you’re in work you can still feel close to your loved one.

You’ll be able to get yourself one of these Wi-Fi baby monitors when they hit stores in March, later this year. It’ll cost you around $149 (£100), not much really, especially when you consider all of the wonderful memories it could help you capture.

You can check it out in action at next week’s Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas if you wait until March for your first glimpse of one in action. This would make the perfect gift for any of your friends who are currently sporting a bump.

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