Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop


Thermador Freedom Induction CooktopIf you love cooking, there are a few things you’ll need. First of all some pots and pans, some ingredients, and unless you’re following some sort of disgusting macrobiotic raw food diet, you’ll need something to cook your food on too.

OK, so there’s a very large possibility that you’ll already have an oven and a cooktop, but is yours efficient enough? Not if you’re using an old school cook top.

If you’re looking for a tip top oven, Thermador may have something for you. Their brand new Freedom Induction Cooktop implements an extremely interesting method of heating your cookware.

Inside the cooktop, there are forty-eight separate induction heating elements that can tell when you’ve placed your pans on them – don’t ask how, they just know. Thermador have apparently created the world’s largest cooking surface ever – not bad when you think about how many professional kitchens there are across the world.

It doesn’t just heat your pans efficiently either, you can tell the device how long each pan should be heated for, and even change the heat for each separate pot and pan too.

The Freedom Induction Cooktop will be available this July and although there isn’t a definite retail price attached to the device at the moment it’s expected to cost around $4,940 (£3,250).

Quite pricey for a cooktop, but the danger of you burning yourself is greatly reduced, the effectiveness of your cooking increases by 63%, and you can use whatever shape or size pan you want to cook with.

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