Magic Wand Remote Control


Magic Wand Remote ControlSorry kids, but Harry Potter is dead. No not the boy wizard himself – he’s off in literary land, enjoying a lovely life with Ginny Weasley. I’m talking about the franchise.

Last year saw him take his final theatrical bow, and now all we’re left with are books to re-read and movies to re-watch. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had something new to enhance your re-viewing pleasure? How about a magic wand?

You won’t be able to perform any real magic though, well not unless you consider muting Jeremy Kyle mid rant magical any way. This isn’t a real magic wand of course, it’s a remote control one.

There’ll be a bit of learning involved in getting the wand to work though, as there are no buttons that’ll let you cheat with any of the 13 programmable commands.

Using infrared it can learn most if not all of the commands that your existing remote controls have. It vibrates with what feels like a heartbeat when it recognises the gesture you’ve made and goes to sleep whenever it’s left idle for long enough periods.

Then all you’ll have to do is pick it up to bring it back to life. You can buy the Magic Wand remote control now, for $89 (£35.99) How magic is that?

It isn’t the most mystically powered item though, you’ll have to get yourself a couple of batteries before it’ll work.Parchment-like Instruction Manual , Magic Wand Remote Control.The Wand Case, Magic Wand Remote Control.

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