Big Bang Sculpture by Zhan Wang


Big Bang SculptureAre you a science fan? If you are, you’ve probably been keeping up to date about the Large Hadron Collider’s quest for the Higgs Boson, or the ‘God Particle’ as it’s also affectionately referred to.

It’s all about the origin of mass and how that relates to the Big Bang, but before you get all excited, I don’t have any extra info on the Boson itself, but I do have info on an artistic explosion that’s been created to evoke the spirit of the Big Bang.

My Personal Explosion is the latest sculpture by Chinese artist Zhan Wang. He wanted to show the world what he thought it would be like to be inside the Big Bang when it all kicked off.

Not one to just imagine what would happen, Wang did his research. He filmed a boulder being blown up and used six HD video cameras to record 2000 frames of footage per second, and from a variety of angles. After playing back the footage he constructed his steel construction.

This isn’t a small piece either, there are 5000 steel boulders used in his sculpture. The sculpture is being shown alongside the original video of the blown up boulder, which he used to inspire his work.

If you’d like to check out the exhibit I’m afraid it’ll take more than a weekend trip to London. His work is currently being exhibited in the Beijing Ullens Centre and will be finishing its run on the 26th February, and there’s currently no word on the exhibition touring.Big Bang Sculpture by Zhan Wang.Big Bang Sculpture by Zhan WangBig Bang Sculpture by Zhan WangBig Bang Sculpture by Zhan Wang

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