Monitor with iPhone Dock, the AOC Aire


AOC Aire MonitorOK, so you’ve got a great little study area in your home. On your desk there’s a great monitor, a selection of folders, and a docking station for when you need to kick back and browse the net, whilst also enjoying some premium tunes.

Those docking stations don’t half take up some room though, and as we all know – a cluttered desk leads to a cluttered mind. Luckily for us that AOC have come up with a space saving solution to this problem.

Say hello to the AOC Aire Monitor with docking station. The device boasts a 23” High Definition screen which also houses integrated speakers for audio playback from all of your iOS devices. Not only can you enjoy music whilst you work, you can also enjoy instant playback of all media from your device on the monitor itself.

So whether you’re sick of squinting to watch your favourite movies and music videos, want to browse through your tracks on a larger display, or want to show off your latest holiday snaps to all of your friends, the device is here to help you out.

It seems like CES 2012 will be featuring a monumental amount of gadgets next week, and this AOC Aire Monitor is just another that’ll be gracing the Las Vegas event.

When it’s finally released in March it’ll cost you around $279 (£200), not bad when you realise that you’re getting two gadgets for the price of one. It’ll look great on your desk at home too.AOC Aire Monitor with Docking Station

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