Burn Machine for Upper Body Fitness


Burn MachineWe’ve just had the Christmas holidays and you’ve had some lovely presents, and (hopefully) fun family memories to take with you into the New Year. You’ve probably just gone into 2012 heavier though, because let’s be honest we all over indulge during the festive season.

So if you’re still sticking to your New Year’s resolution to lose weight, but just can’t seem to shift those pounds, you could probably do with a bit more help.

Enter the Burn Machine. It’s making exercise sound awful already isn’t it? Well, no pain, no gain as they say. This 12lb fitness gadget can apparently give you the same experience at home that you would get in your local boxing gym.

It will help you work out your whole body to burn the ultimate amount of calories. It’s adaptable too – hold it away from yourself for a speedball routine, or walk with it and complete some mobile lunges.

You’ll have your very own speed bag, minus the gym fees and disapproving looks from the fitness fanatics that frequent those places. It doesn’t matter what height, weight, age or sex you are, anyone can use the Burn Machine.

All you need is a ‘burning’ desire to lose weight. Sorry, I really did have to say it. This fat fighting fitness gadget will set you back $145 (£120), so should you decide to invest in one for yourself, your wallet will no doubt be feeling the burn too.

Well, you did want to lose a few pounds, didn’t you?

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