Wipeout Hover Racetrack


Hovering Car Racetrack, Wipeout  style.How happy would you be, if you opened up a present on your birthday that contained tiny floating cars? After you’d gotten over the initial shock you’d probably be really stoked and would waste no time trying out the track.

Well, Sony have obviously realised that this is the sort of game we’ve all been dying for and have used that to advertise something completely different. At least that’s what we think they’ve done. Their new viral ad shows miniature cars being fitted with liquid nitrogen tanks to make them float.

Scientifically, this could make objects float if they’d worked out all of the kinks, but the Japanese Institute of Science and Technology which are apparently behind the racetrack, doesn’t actually exist.  The real science institute is named Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

The video showing us how it works also has a Sony Entertainment copyright attached to it. Coincidence? I don’t think so. There’s no word on whether it is actually fake, but all the roads certainly lead to that conclusion.

Only time will tell if the placement of the Sony WipeOut game logo in the centre of the track will actually increase sales. It’ll probably just annoy people who think the hovering car racetrack would look amazing in their game rooms though.

That or there are going to be lots of homemade versions popping up all over the place soon. If you can’t find any liquid nitrogen, you could always attach your old Scaletrix set to a floating shelf and pretend that it’s hovering instead, but it probably wouldn’t be worth the effort.

Take a look at the video below:
Wipeout Style Racetrack.Wipeout Style Racetrack.

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