Waterproof Shower Speaker with Bluetooth Streaming, the iShower


Shower Bluetooth Speaker, the iShower.In some countries it’s actually a legal requirement that you sing in the shower. Whilst most of us can freestyle and go without a backing track, others need something to sing along to.

So iDevices, the company who made the iGrill, have thoughtfully come up with something tuneful for your shower. So if you’ve been known to drop your musical devices in unfortunate places in your bathroom, read on for a possible solution.

Just in case you didn’t notice the naming of their products and the company – let me make it clear – iDevices make iOS compatible gadgets. The product strap-line states that they’ll work with iPhones and iPods, but there’s nothing to say that they won’t work with your Mac too.

The iShower uses three AA batteries and can deliver up to 15 hours of music streaming to whatever watery place you’d like to take it. It has a three watt speaker, and a whole host of controls that a full stereo system would be proud to have.

You can connect to it wirelessly via Bluetooth from up to 200 feet away, which should be far enough to keep all of your Apple devices safe, and most importantly dry.

The iShower will be out and available to buy from March this year and will retail for $99 (£65). The iShower had its official unveiling at this year’s CES, which is in Las Vegas, the show ends today.

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