Microsoft Flight Simulator Returns and it’s Completely Free


Microsoft Flight Simulator - FreeMicrosoft are starting the year off on a very generous foot. They’re offering everyone (except Mac users) a free Flight Simulator game download. Before you get too excited though, Flight isn’t the most exciting game in the world.

You aren’t going to have as much fun playing this, as you would if you were playing a game like X-Wing or TIE Fighter. Flight is much more focused in reality than the other two games, which depending on your idea of fun, actually may not be the worst thing.

Just in case you weren’t paying attention at the start, the Microsoft Flight Simulator is completely free! No strings, no contracts, just good free fun.

If you have a Games for Windows Live account, you’re about to get a lot happier, because you’ll be able to download even more free content, like extra planes and missions, as well as an online Pilot Profile which you can use to show off all of your achievements on. If you haven’t got one, sign up now, it’s also free.

If you want to add some premium customisation to your crafts or fly across extra areas, there is a marketplace available too. This isn’t like most “free” games though, you won’t get to level six and be told that you can’t progress until you fork out some cash, you can finish the entire game at no added cost.

Maybe that song was right, the best things (or at least the best flight simulators) in life really are free.Microsoft Flight SimulatorMicrosoft Flight SimulatorMicrosoft Flight Simulator.

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