8mm Digital Camera, the Fuvi Bee


USB 8mm Digital CameraAnyone who saw Super 8 last summer will certainly be in agreement of one thing – 8mm cameras are awesome (that and the government loves covering up alien invasions). It’s a lot harder to get your hands on one of these cameras now than it was in the 70s, but don’t worry, there are other options available to you.

You can get your iPhone to reproduce the 8mm film quality just by downloading an app, or if you’re more interested in the outward appearance of an 8mm camera, Fuvi may have the perfect product for you.

The Fuvi Bee has made a considerable nod to the 8mm film cameras of the past and created a digital miniaturised version of it. Unlike the originals, there is no whirring of motors whilst you record, which depending on your personal preference could be a welcome change or a sad loss.

You don’t get the best resolution from this little wonder, 640 x 480 is all you’ll be able to achieve. You can film up to 100 minutes of footage at a time. Photo resolution is considerably better at 1280 x 960. You can connect it to your PC or Mac to retrieve your work with ease.

The Fuvi Bee is available now and can be yours for $80 (£50). The white version is rather cute, but anyone serious about their 8mm style will have to plump for the traditional black version. It comes with a cute red, white and blue strap, for added portability too.USB 8mm Digital Camera8mm Digital Camera shot.8mm Digital Camera shot.

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