SolarKindle Provides 3 Months Reading


SolarKindle keeps you Kindle going for up to three months.Some people are bookworms, constantly leafing through the pages of a book. Others are more inclined to dip in and out of literary works, and may only really read when they go off on holiday.

However you enjoy your more intellectual pursuits, you have to agree that the new selection of eReaders on the market are fantastic.

They can hold hundreds of books and can be used for weeks at a time without a charge – that’s where they run into issues though. Normal books, however bulky in your suitcase, don’t need a power source.

If you take your Kindle on holiday, and it runs out of power two chapters before the end, you aren’t going to be happy. SolarFocus have come up with a solution that’s much better than a travel plug – a solar powered Kindle cover.

The SolarKindle will provide you with a few months of reading enjoyment on a full charge, and can also give you 50 hours of reading lamp use, if you can’t put that book down after sunset.

It’s easy to see why it was given an honourable mention at this year’s CES Innovation Awards. If you fancy having one of these at hand for your poolside action this summer, you’ll be pleased to know that you can buy one now.

Solar convenience doesn’t come cheap though, this little ray of sunshine will cost you just under $80 (£50). It may sound a bit steep, but you don’t need to waste any electricity powering it, or add any batteries to it.3 Months reading power with the SolarKindle.

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