Music Everywhere with the Mogees Musical Instrument


Mogees Musical InstrumentWe’d all love to be able to play a musical instrument, but we don’t want to have to put in the hard work that is associated with it. Well, hard work isn’t exactly rock and roll is it? You can always play a more abstract (or rather fake) instrument.

The beauty of an air guitar is that anyone can play it, and wherever you put it down, it’ll always be at hand the next time you want to play it. Trouble is, it doesn’t make any sound.

Bruno Zambrolin, a PHD Arts student from Paris’s Centre Pompidou and London’s Goldsmiths, has upped the technology of the air guitar. Well, sort of. He’s created a “Mosaicing Gesturing Surface”, or Mogee for short, which works by turning touch stimulation into a variety of sounds, depending on whether you scratch, rub or tap it.

The audible output from your stimulus is instantaneous, and can produce an incredibly experimental sound. You can use a bow or pick to make the sound different too, and the contact microphone can be used on any hard surface.

The Mogees musical instrument was created as part of Zambrolin’s collaborative PHD study, so unfortunately you can’t pop on Firebox to order one.

We’ve already seen a number of gadgets like this popping up over the last few years though, so don’t expect to be waiting too long to own one. Until then, crank up your favourite tunes to eleven and blast your air guitar the traditional way – sans electronic technology.Mogees on a bus stop window.Mogees on a tree.Mogees on a mirror.Mogees on a tile.

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